Security and Intelligence Service

of the Republic of Moldova

SIS strengthens cooperation with national higher education institutions to promote the security culture

Alexandru Musteața, Director of the Security and Intelligence Service, had a meeting with rectors of higher education institutions from the Republic of Moldova. The discussions concerned a possibility of cooperation that would bring the academic environment closer to the security system needs, as well as the SIS transparency for a wider participation of the civil society in development of public policies in the field of national security.


During the meeting, the SIS Director suggested initiating a national campaign for students, called "Security Education". Its aim is to explain the types of threats and risks to state security, phenomena such as cyber security and impact of fake news, including the concept of security culture.


“In today's extremely complex and difficult times, a strong security culture is needed, which would be promoted in a sustained manner, especially among young people. The university community represents a valuable partner and an optimal platform for launching this education program. A well-informed society is more resistant to manipulation and misinformation, therefore, I request higher education institutions to support the SIS efforts at achieving national security objectives and I count on your contribution in promoting security education within the universities you lead”, said the SIS Director.


The guests showed their willingness to cooperate and support the Security and Intelligence Service initiative and came up with a set of proposals to diversify and improve the mentioned actions – one of them was to draw up a common agenda of curricular and extracurricular activities. At the end, members of the academic community signed the Declaration on the creation of the national communication network for security education.


The educational project will be implemented by the National Institute of Intelligence and Security "Bogdan, Întemeietorul Moldovei", which at the initial stage will provide support for the curriculum development of the optional university course "Introduction to Security" and will organize training for those who will teach this subject.


The partners of the national campaign "Security Education" are: "Ștefan cel Mare" Academy, "Alexandru cel Bun" Military Academy, Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova, American University of Moldova, National Justice Institute, Institute of Criminal Science and Applied Forensics, Commercial Cooperative University of Moldova, Free International University from Moldova, Taraclia State University, Slavic University, State Pedagogical University "Ion Creangă", State University from Cahul "Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu", State University in Comrat, European Studies University, Moldova State University, Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, University Of Political And Economic Studies "Constantin Stere", Technical University of Moldova.