Security and Intelligence Service

of the Republic of Moldova

Intelligence analysis

Intelligence analysis

Intelligence analysis is the process of transformation of primary data, gathered by means of secret sources (HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT) or open sources (OSINT), in intelligence relevant for national security.


This activity means filtering, separating, comparing, and integrating the primary data. The result of this complex process is – producing intelligence products (complex document with timely, relevant and verified information, with assessment and forecasting elements).


The main effort of the SIS analysts is to apply valuable judgments, especially to uncertainties, incomplete data, ambiguous situations, towards orienting the data gathering process (for intelligence and counterintelligence components).


The outcome of intelligence analysis (intelligence product), usually, is disseminated to legal beneficiaries / decision-makers and is meant to support them in taking decisions of national interest in two priority directions:

a) prevention/ mitigation of risks, threats and vulnerabilities to national security;

b) use of opportunities to promote national interests.