Security and Intelligence Service

of the Republic of Moldova

One Person Detained and Five Investigated at Liberty in a Case on Smuggling with More Than 200,000 Cigarettes

The Security and Intelligence Service jointly with the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Cases and the Customs Service, on May 17, executed search warrants in Chișinău and outside, in a case on cigarette smuggling.


As a result of 23 searches on commercial points, homes, and means of transport of the persons named in case, the officers found and seized: 200 thousand pieces of tobacco products, money in US dollars and euros, of unknown legal origin, the equivalent of over 240 thousand lei, and two means of transport.


Following a series of special investigation measures, the authorities found out that six people were involved in this scheme, each with a well-defined role – starting from the purchase of tobacco products from the black market and ending with sale to persons carrying them illegally across the border of the state.


One of the organizers of the criminal scheme was detained for 72 hours during the proceedings, while the other persons are being investigated at liberty and are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a final court ruling. The criminal investigation continues, in order to examine all the aspects of the crime.