Security and Intelligence Service

of the Republic of Moldova



According to the art.8 of the Law on Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova No 753-XIV of 23.12.1999, counterintelligence activity aims to identify, prevent and counteract risks and threats to the national security of the Republic of Moldova, deriving from espionage, subversive actions, plans and intentions of foreign intelligence agencies or paramilitary, terrorist, extremist and separatist groups.


Counterintelligence implies an operational and analytical management, meant to efficiently combine intelligence, creative practices and advanced technology, in order to act promptly and address unpredictable situations.


In particular, we are referring to identification of those actions and individuals, which can become targets for foreign intelligence agencies and adversary groups that carry out activities oriented against interests of the Republic of Moldova.


The exploration area, in order to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty against direct, informational and hybrid aggression, includes the main strategic fields, such as politics, economics, social, military and technology.


The goal is to maintain and ensure national functional capacities from the perspective of human, technical, and logistic resources, considering their prompt adaptation in relation to asymmetrical risks, as well as using the development potential for the direct benefit of the citizens.