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A Moldovan was Detained for Mercenary Activity

As a result of a joint operation carried out by the Security and Intelligence Service and the Prosecutor’s Office of Chisinau, another citizen of the Republic of Moldova, suspected of being involved in a mercenary activity (art.141 Criminal Code), was detained.


According to the information obtained within the criminal proceedings, in January 2014, the suspect enrolled in a military group of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic and took part, as a soldier, in the military conflict in the South-Eastern Ukraine. As well, he provided the mercenaries with food and money. Within the interrogations, the man partially admitted his guilt.


The suspect is 40 years old and he was retained in the city of Cimişlia, after trying to recruit another fellow citizen for a military group of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic.


Up to now, 9 people have been brought to justice for similar actions: 5 of them were sentenced and other 3 people are still criminally investigated.


Though mercenary activity is a relatively new phenomenon for the Republic of Moldova, it is extremely dangerous both for the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, and for the national security of the Republic of Moldova.


It has to be mentioned, that previously, through the sentences of the Comrat Court, given on 1 August 2014 and 10 April 2015, as well as through the sentences of the Ciadîr-Lunga Court, given on 5 July 2015 – 5 individuals from the south of the country were found guilty and convicted for similar actions, including for preparing to organize an illegal paramilitary group and taking part in it, and for offering help for terrorist purposes. The sentences, related to these cases, became irrevocable. Both within the criminal proceedings and judicial sittings, the convicted individuals stated that after they had been recruited in the Republic of Moldova, they took part in military trainings in another country, involving theoretical and practical exercises on subjects as: preparing and performing diversion operations; assembling and exploitation of various types of firearms; building barricades; making and using “Molotov Cocktails”, etc., with the purpose to put up resistance on the territory of the Republic of Moldova to the representatives of law enforcement bodies, if eventually similar conflicts to the ones from the eastern Ukraine occur.


The Security and Intelligence Service and the General Prosecutor’s Office are undertaking necessary measures to identify and detain people suspected of organizing illegal actions and of attempting to undermine the constitutional order.