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Energy Sector Employees are Provided with Antiterrorism Training

The Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova continues the series of informative and practical measures in the area of antiterrorist security, provided to the institutions of strategic importance that are part of the critical national infrastructure.


Today, on April 26th, the SIS Antiterrorist Center carried out a training activity at the “Termoelectrica” JSC. The event is part of a set of activities aimed to strengthen the national system for preventing and combating terrorism, especially within the national energy system.


At the training, the employees were informed about the general aspects of the terrorism, the tactics that terrorist organizations apply against strategic facilities of the energy system, as well as the legislative, organizational and practical measures carried out both on national and international levels in the field of preventing and countering terrorism. Also, SIS officers informed the audience about the mandatory rules that should be observed in a terrorist crisis situation and about the recommendations related to protection and guard process organization within their managed facilities.


By such measures, the Security and Intelligence Service aims to promote antiterrorist values in the society, to strengthen the cooperation with public authorities and civil society, and to make the cooperation more efficient.