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Tribute to the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova

To commemorate the 26th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Moldova, Mihai BALAN, the Director of the Security and Intelligence Service, and the SIS Board members laid flowers, together with state officials, at the “Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt” and “Maica Îndurerată” monuments.

The event continued in the square of the institution, where Mihai BALAN and the SIS Board members paid tribute to heroes of state security bodies and laid flowers at the monument dedicated to them. On this occasion, the SIS Director evoked that it is every citizen’s duty to acknowledge the supreme sacrifice of those fallen for the sake of freedom, democracy, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova.

Mihai BALAN appreciated the contribution of all the employees of state security bodies who dedicated their careers to protecting democratic values and promoting national interests of the Republic of Moldova.

Happy birthday, Moldova!