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SIS Inaugurated a Monument Honoring the Heroes of State Security Bodies, Fallen in the Nistru War

On March 3rd this year, a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary from the beginning of combat operations for defending the territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova took place within the Security and Intelligence Service. On this occasion, the Service inaugurated a monument dedicated to the combatants of the state security bodies, fallen in the armed conflict on the Nistru river.

The event was attended by the prime-minister of the Republic of Moldova, Pavel FILIP, MPs, Cabinet members, combatants and veterans of the state security bodies, SIS employees, family members and relatives of those who passed away in the 1992 bloody fights.

Pavel FILIP, prime-minister of Moldova, expressed his thanks to the fighters of the state security bodies for their professionalism and skills to cope with the most difficult tasks during the combat operations. He asserted that the Republic of Moldova needs unity because all of the issues come from dissension in society and this lesson must be learnt, keeping memory of the national heroes.

Mr. Pavel FILIP, in his speech, mentioned that the Government will continue to support the institution in its activities for ensuring the security of the state. “This battle that you give every day, anonymously, without asking for public recognition, deserves and must be supported”, concluded the Prime Minister.

Roman BOŢAN, the Chairman of the Committee for National Security, Defense and Public Order of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, on behalf of the Parliament and Committee Members, addressed good wishes and health to all those who have performed their duty truthfully and self-denyingly during the armed conflict on Nistru. “You are heroes, and heroes never die. We bow before your self-sacrifice for the future of this country”, said the Chairman of the Committee.

Mr. Mihai BALAN, Director of the Security and Intelligence Service paid tribute to the heroes who defended sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova, pointing out that “though history moves us away from those tragic events every year, it doesn’t diminish the honor and respect for the national martyrs, who put on the altar of our Motherland independence the most valuable thing they had – their lives”.

He evoked that the inauguration of this monument means perpetuation of the memory both of those who didn’t return from the armed conflict on the Nistru river and all of the SIS officers who are not among us anymore. Their deeds will stay on the pages of history and will be an example for the future generations. From now on, the young SIS officers will take the Oath of allegiance to Motherland in this very place.

The SIS Director thanked the Prime-Minister of Moldova for his recent decisions, including the growth of the disability pensions - which means that veterans of the Nistru war are appreciated and respected more than before. He expressed his gratitude for the support of the SIS initiatives to bring out of the shadow the memory of heroes of state security bodies. He mentioned “awarding state decorations is another proof of glorification the combatants’ patriotism, courage, and self-dedication, who defended the supreme values of our country”.

Ulian Chetruş, the Chairman of the Association of War Veterans for Independence of the Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova, emphasized the terror of the Nistru war and reminded us about the sacrifices of the combatants from the state security bodies, which they made during the defense of the rule of law and national dignity. He thanked the leadership of the Service for their touching gesture to immortalize the name and heroic deeds of the comrades. “We, those who have survived that bloody conflict, can only unite and strengthen our forces, achieving the ideals that our colleagues sacrificed themselves for”, added Mr. CHETRUŞ.

Then a group of priests, led by His Holiness Metropolitan of Chişinău and All Moldova, officiated the Divine Liturgy in memory of the combatants, fallen for the integrity and independence of the country. After Te Deum, the guests held a moment of silence and laid flowers on the monument. The event concluded with serving porridge to the guests.

It has to be mentioned that on Memorial Day, March 2nd, the SIS Director Mihai BALAN, together with other officials, took part in the commemorative activities and laid flowers on the monument “Grieving Mother”, within the memorial complex “Eternity” from Chişinău. Also the intelligence officers together with veterans attended a service in memory of the combatants from the state security bodies, fallen in the armed conflict on the Nistru river. The service was officiated at the “Schimbarea la Faţă a Mântuitorului” church.

The meeting of the students of the National Institute of Intelligence and Security "Bogdan, the Founder of Moldova" with former intelligence officers, who took part in the war of 1992 was also one of the activities in memory of the combatants fallen in the armed conflict on the Nistru river.  Alexei ROIBU, brigadier general, knight of “Stephen the Great” Order and holder of the “Military Merit” medal, Ion LISNIC, colonel, knight of “Stephen the Great” order and “Allegiance to Motherland” second class order and holder of the “Military Merit” medal, and Alexandru GANENCO, colonel, knight of “Allegiance to Motherland” third class order, honored with “Military Merit” and “Commemorative Cross” medals are the former intelligence officers who attended the event.

Note: The monument in the honor of the state security heroes is the work of the sculptor Andrei DOHOTARU and popular artisan Ion LOZAN. It is about 5 metres high and it is built of Cosăuţi stone. The names of the combatants fallen in the armed conflict on the Nistru river are engraved on a marble plaque installed on the monument.

The video can be seen at the following link: