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Large-Scale Anti-Terror Exercise Organized at the Moldova-Ukraine Border

 “Strong Border 2017” international anti-terror exercise, organized by the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova jointly with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), was completed on 25th May.

Checking the procedures peculiar to management of some crisis situations and identification of the most optimal solutions for cooperation and interoperability between the authorities competent in the field of terrorism prevention and counteraction have been the goals of the tactical and applied exercise. Also, it aimed at improving the operational potential of the specialized subunits, regarding setting and conducting of the counter-terrorism operation. Thus, in a hypothetical situation, notification and reaction mechanisms have been revised, while the population’s vigilance has been tested.

The event took place in the Moldova-Ukraine border area and included 3 stages: operative – carried out on the territory of Ukraine, with the SIS ensuring intelligence support; planning (creating the General Staff); active operation phase, which implied organizing and performing response actions to terrorist acts.

The first stage was conducted in Odessa region and it involved about 3000 military persons and employees of law enforcement bodies from Ukraine. The actions on the territory of the Republic of Moldova have been managed by the SIS Antiterrorist Centre (AC) and involved over 700 representatives of the state institutions, as: the Security and Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the State Protection and Guard Service, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, the Ministry of Health, “Mihail Sadoveanu” Theoretical Lyceum from Giurgiuleşti village, local public authorities, ICS Danube Logistics limited liability company, etc.

The scenario in practice included several missions for participating entities. One of them was to identify, on the territory of the country, a group of individuals that is suspected of affiliation with terrorist groups and intended to cross the country border clandestinely. Also, the participants had to gather intelligence about the suspected individuals, their links with other groups of interest, to shadow, to monitor their actions and directions of movement, in order to conduct the counter-terrorism operation and to catch the conventional terrorist group.

A briefing was organized at the end of the event, where Alexandru BALAN, Deputy Director of the SIS, reiterated that the performed actions had showed the importance of the continuous cooperation, both at the interdepartmental level and those of regional and international partnerships, in the fight against organized crime and terrorist acts. Also, it proved the necessity to develop the operational and managerial skills of the specialised authorities. In turn, Ghenadii CUZNEŢOV, Chief of the General Staff of the AC of the SBU, highly appreciated participants’ performance and the idea of organizing jointly such a large-scale anti-terror exercise. Moreover, he mentioned he would like such trainings to be done continuously.

Congratulations of Pavel FILIP, the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Moldova, and Petro POROSHENKO, the President of Ukraine, to the organizers and participants of the international anti-terror exercise have been read out during the briefing.

Video sequences from the exercise can be seen at the following links: