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Graduation Festivity of the Class of 2017 at the National Institute of Intelligence and Security of the SIS

The graduation ceremony of a new class of security and intelligence officers took place today, 24 June, at the National Institute of Intelligence and Security “Bogdan, the Founder of Moldova” of the SIS.

Roman Boţan, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for National Security, Defense and Public Order, Mihai BALAN, the Director of the Security and Intelligence Service, the command staff, the teaching staff of the NIIS, as well as relatives of the graduates attended the event.

On this occasion, Mr. Mihai BALAN congratulated the young people for their accomplishments and urged them to go on with the same diligence, to prove the value and efficiency of the institution, and to contribute to increasing of its prestige. He wished them success and welcomed to the team, highlighting that the Service puts high hopes in the new generation of officers. Mr. BALAN said he was convinced the new generation would become competent experts, able to ensure the security of the country, society, and citizens.

In his speech, the SIS Director evoked that class of 2017 is a symbolic one, because this year the Institute will mark 15 years from its establishment. In this period of time it managed to train many professionals, who already perform with dignity their mission and contribute to achieving the legitimate aspirations of the Republic of Moldova.

Mr. Roman BOȚAN, also added words of congratulation and wished the graduates to act with firmness, skillfulness, abnegation, and always to serve the interests of the Motherland.

In his speech, Valeriu FURDUI, the Rector of the National Institute of Intelligence and Security, mentioned the perseverance shown by the students during the school year and reiterated the importance of the responsibilities they are to take on, in order to achieve the performance standards of the SIS.

One of the graduates, on behalf of all the students, thanked the teaching staff for its dedication, calling and involvement in their formation as future professionals in the intelligence field.

At the end of the ceremony, the young intelligence officers were awarded graduation certificates, while the order on their allocation to activity directorates was read out.