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Generation Reunion for 15 Years of NIIS Activity

National Institute of Intelligence and Security "Bogdan, the Founder of Moldova" organized a round table called “NIIS – 15 years: retrospectives and perspectives” to mark its 15th anniversary.

Members of the Security and Intelligence Service Board, NIIS veterans, opinion leaders, teaching staff and students attended the event.

At the beginning of the meeting, Valeriu FURDUI, Major-General of the SIS and Rector of the NIIS, congratulated students on taking the Oath of allegiance to Motherland and on choosing to be part of the Security and Intelligence Service. At the same time, he expressed his appreciation for the professors, who contributed to strengthening the potential of a solid instruction and professional training of the SIS officers, according to modern requirements.

Moreover, Mr. FURDUI praised the contribution of the SIS veterans, who established the educational institution and devoted their lives to training dozens of generations of officers – promoters of national interests.

The guests were offered a brief historical background about the educational institution, the only one that trains and upskills experts in the field of intelligence, counterintelligence, and operative investigative activity, both for the Service needs and those of other entities with duties in the field of ensuring national security. Topics concerning curriculum upgrade, results achieved in the study process, role of the Institute in safety culture development, intelligence activity openness and transparency have been discussed at the round table.

Gheorghe RACOVIŢA, the head of the Office of Director, pointed out the importance of the matters related to security and the necessity to be actively involved in supporting activities aimed at protection and promotion of the security values. Also, he referred to the process of academic and professional training of the SIS officers, as well as continuous training, that are in line with modern standards of the intelligence agencies from democratic societies.

Ion CUMURCIUC – retired SIS Colonel and Head of the MNS (Ministry of National Security) Training Centre (1993-2000), Oleg DAŞCHEVICI – retired Colonel and NIIS veteran (2005-2012), Ştefan STAMATIN – rector of NIIS (2002-2008) and Vitalie GAMURARI – Doctor of Law talked about the role of the National Institute of Intelligence and Security as a promoter of security education and knowledge.

At the end of the event, several professors and veterans were awarded departmental decorations for high duty-consciousness, special professional skills, and meritorious contribution to defending and promoting national interests.

Note: National Institute of Intelligence and Security was created on the basis of Human Resources Training Centre on 10 September 2002 by Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 1192.