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Terror Suspect Detained by the SIS Officers

Within special investigative measures in the area of international terrorism, the Security and Intelligence Service jointly with the General Inspectorate of Border Police of the MIA foiled the attempt of a Tunisian citizen, with identity documents of a European Union state, suspected of connection with international jihadist networks, to enter the Republic of Moldova.

The 33 years-old man tried to cross the state border through the Sculeni crossing point. He intended to pass the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and China in order to reach his final destination - China’s autonomous province, Xinjiang.

Following security checks, the SIS investigation officers identified a series of elements that prove radical views of the individual, including informational devices and data of Islamic extremism nature. Moreover, the officers found in his luggage objects specific for staying overnight in open fields and forests, and for long distance walking.

Given the possible terrorism risks and security judgements caused by the presence of the foreign citizen on the Republic of Moldova territory, he was declared persona non grata for 15 years.

As result of the joint actions of the Security and Intelligence Service and Bureau of Migration and Asylum of the MIA, the man was escorted from the European Union to the partner state, being brought to the competent bodies in compliance with international procedures and standards.