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Tax Evasion and Money Laundering in the Pharmaceutical Field

The Security and Intelligence Service jointly with the Police Directorate of Chisinau and the Prosecutor’s Office of Chisinau detected and documented a large scale tax evasion fraudulent scheme in the context of a criminal case. The illegal activity was carried out by some economic agents, specialized in medicine import and marketing in the Republic of Moldova, as well as providing national medical institutions with pharmaceuticals, on the basis of centralized public procurement.

According to the materials gathered during the criminal proceedings, medicine imports have been made through intermediate companies, registered in off-shore areas, in order to conceal the real prices of the medicines, established by the producers. The prices they declared to the customs and control bodies of the Republic of Moldova were threefold raised, which is reflected in the final costs for customers.

Thus, during 2013 – 2016, the investigated economic agents imported medicines at increased prices, worth more than 15 million lei. The imports have been made from India and China, through off-shore companies.

As result, on 29 May 2017, the prosecutors and the SIS officers conducted inspections simultaneously at 9 premises from Chişinău. They seized accounting documents, stamps, drafts, computers, electronic data storage devices and money.

The SIS officers and the prosecutors take further actions within the criminal proceedings

The video can be seen at the following link: