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SIS Officers Seized a Batch of Ammunition and Weapons

Preventive measures concerning firearms storing, purchasing, producing, or marketing, implemented by the Security and Intelligence Service, revealed another batch of firearms and ammunition.

This time, the SIS officers jointly with the Florești Prosecutor’s Office and criminal investigation officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs undertook actions in Florești city.

Following the assessment of the information held by the SIS, searches were conducted at the home of a 57-year-old man, former employee of the MIA. Within special investigation measures, the officers found and seized: 3 magazines for AK assault rifle; an AK bayonet; 5 practice grenades; a BM 22 shell; a bullet proof vest; 54 cartridges of 7,62 mm calibre; 53 cartridges of 5,45 mm calibre; 11 cartridges of 9 mm calibre; 11 cartridges of 12 mm calibre for hunting shotgun; 44 cartridges of 5,6 mm calibre for TOZ rifle; a tactical vest; 136 grenade rings; 7 smoke bombs; 71 detonating caps; strikers; a pack of gun pellets; a box of explosive powder; a hunting weapon; 2 air guns.

The case is currently examined under the provisions of the article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova. The individual risks to be sentenced to a fine amounting from 650 to 950 conventional units, from 180 to 240 hours of community service, or up to 3 years of imprisonment.