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SIS Officers and Prosecutors Disclosed a Fraudulent Scheme for Issuing Military Record Documents

The Security and Intelligence Service jointly with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office undertook special investigation measures to counter illegal acts committed by public officials of the Military Municipal Center. The fraud mechanism operated in the process of joining the military service has been documented for two months, in the context of a criminal case initiated for passive corruption and misuse of power.

Yesterday, as result of special investigation measures, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office together with SIS investigation officers conducted searches at the Military Center premises and suspects’ homes. Therefore, they collected additional evidence on the investigated case.

According to the criminal investigation data, public officials of the Military Municipal Center, in return for payment, helped citizens of the Republic of Moldova to evade military service. At the same time, they operated a corruption scheme involving more militaries and officials from the Military Municipal Center and ensured issuance of forged military record documents.

For this purpose, the suspects launched a scheme whereby they claimed money from individuals who intended to get a military identity card without performing their military service. Individuals involved in the illegal activity requested various amounts of money from beneficiaries and ensured an unjustified military service postponement. They manipulated record documents and issued forged military identity cards for the beneficiaries or declared them unfit for service.

Moreover, they involved certain members of the Military-Medical Commission in their misuse and corruption scheme to forge and issue false medical findings. This method helped citizens to evade their obligation to perform military service.

As result of searches conducted by the prosecuting authority, the Head of the Territorial Section of the Military Municipal Center and the Head of its Military-Medical Commission were detained, whereas an official was identified as a suspect. The criminal prosecution is still in progress.