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Security and Intelligence Service in Dialogue with Representatives of Local Public Authorities

The Security and Intelligence Service takes measures aimed at promoting safety culture and boosting mechanisms of interaction with the society. In this regard, from November 2017 to March 2018, the SIS officers are meeting the representatives of the local public authorities and civil society from all the districts of the country.

National security policy, legislation in this field and measures undertaken at the national level are among the main topics to be covered. Aspects of the cooperation between the Security and Intelligence Service and the authorities responsible for preventing and combating terrorism will be also considered at the meetings. In particular, officers will discuss the provisions of the new Law on preventing and combating terrorism, which entered into force on 20 October this year, as well as the role and place of the local public authorities and of the society in prevention of terrorism and violent outbreaks of extremism.

The intelligence officers will point out all the actions that are going to be undertaken by central and local public authorities, non-governmental organizations, and officials, according to the regulatory act. In addition, they will mention the role and essential tasks of the Antiterrorist Territorial Council – a local body for terrorist crisis management, made up of district council leaders, territorial representatives of the Security and Intelligence Service, General Police Inspectorate of the MIA, and Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service of the MIA.

The intelligence officers will inform representatives of the local public authorities about the terrorist risks and threats to national and regional security. Moreover, they will examine relatively new phenomena for the Republic of Moldova, such as mercenarism and promotion of radical ideologies.

At the same time, the participants of the meetings will be given booklets and will be shown a documentary about the international anti-terror exercise “Strong Border 2017”, which was carried out in May and was organized by the Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova jointly with the Ukrainian counterparts. Institutions of the National System for Preventing and Countering Terrorism were involved in this operation.

Up to now, the SIS officers had information visits in Cantemir, Cahul, Hînceşti, Leova and Taraclia districts as well as ATU Găgăuzia.