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Moldovan Mercenary - Identified and Brought to Law Enforcement Bodies

The Security and Intelligence Service officers jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office of Chişinău carried out a set of special investigation measures. As the result, a Moldovan citizen, resident of Chişinău, was detained on 26 September. The individual is suspected of providing logistics support to mercenary groups on the side of separatist entities from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

During 2015-2017, the 45-year-old man lived in Donetsk and was enrolled in the so-called “Первый славянский батальон” brigade, where he operated under the code name “Коробок”.

It has to be mentioned that at the hearings the detained fully recognized his guilt. Moreover, investigation officers determined the suspect was previously in trouble with the law, since he was convicted in Moldova for an attempted vehicle theft. Within criminal procedure activities, they also found on the individual the means of communication he used to maintain contact with rebels from the Ukrainian separatist region.

The man was detained for 72 hours and a criminal case was initiated against him, under article 141 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova. If his guilt is proved, the individual risks from 3 to 7 years of imprisonment.

The Security and Intelligence Service, in cooperation with state competent bodies and foreign partners, undertakes significant measures to identify and detain individuals suspected of planning illegal actions. The SIS reiterates that though mercenary activity is a relatively new phenomenon for the Republic of Moldova, a growing number of Moldovans are suspected of it. In this connection, we warn citizens about the seriousness and danger of taking part in armed conflicts, military actions, or other violent acts, aimed to overthrow and undermine the constitutional order or to violate territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova.