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Moldovan – Detained for Mercenary Activity

Another citizen of the Republic of Moldova, being in the sight of the Security and Intelligence Service for mercenary activity, was detained and handed over to the national law enforcement agencies.

The SIS jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office of Chisinau and the MIA carried out the criminal proceedings and special investigation measures. The man was placed under preventive arrest for 72 hours.

The 31-year-old individual, with residency in Chişinău, is suspected of fighting as a mercenary on the side of separatist-extremist entities from Ukraine.

Thus, a criminal case was initiated under the provisions of article 141 “Mercenaries’ Activity” of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova. The individual risks imprisonment from 3 to 7 years.

The Security and Intelligence Service jointly with competent state bodies and external partners continue to undertake measures to prevent and counteract mercenary activity and carry out actions to identify and detain individuals who attempt to undermine national and regional security.