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Illegal Trade of Weapons and Ammunitions in the Sight of the SIS

Following special investigative actions undertaken by the SIS officers, the illegal activity of a 57- year-old man was documented. The man, born in Donduşeni district, is suspected of trading armoured fighting vehicle components.


The operation was carried out with the specialized support of Prosecutor’s Office of Bălţi municipality, Department of Carabineer Troops of the MIA and Police Inspectorate of Bălţi.


Thus, based on operative information assessed by the SIS, the following fact was established: a conscripted soldier from a Military Unit of the MIA’s Department of Carabineer Troops, with the help of his father, intended to sell for 900 lei a “PP 61-AM” optical aiming device, from an armored personnel carrier BTR, which is designed to monitor and point the machine gun at the target, as well as to explore the battle field including in night time.


The aiming device was detected and seized, during the home search, and forwarded to the competent bodies for an expertise. According to the suspect’s depositions, he himself brought the device from the Russian Federation for trading it on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. It is to be mentioned that the man has had criminal records.


The person’s illegal actions are examined under the provisions of the article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova. If his guilt is proved, he risks deprivation of liberty up to 3 years.


The video can be seen at the following link: