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Disclosure of a Large Scale Tax Evasion by the SIS and the PCCOCS

The Security and Intelligence Service jointly with the Prosecutor’s Office for Counteracting Organized Crime and Special Cases detected and annihilated a money laundering and tax evasion scheme, causing prejudice to the economic interests of the state, estimated around 10 millions lei. Moreover, links between the criminal group and persons from the high risk countries have been identified.


Within criminal proceedings and special investigation measures, intelligence officers and prosecutors gathered evidence regarding establishment of an electronic casino and practicing online gambling by the criminal group, defying the applicable legislation.


Members of the group, aged between 28 and 50 years, have clandestinely set up a game room, supplied with roulettes, video and audio devices, sophisticated technology that ensured Internet connection. In this case, gambling took place in successive stages via a website that could be accessed only from abroad.


Also, the data gathered by the SIS officers and prosecutors indicate that the economic operator paid employees the official salary in a proportion of only 30%, the other 70% was paid “in envelopes”. As result of the tax evasion, millions of lei annually were not transferred to the state budget.


Investigation officers of the SIS, prosecutors, and criminal investigation officers of DGUP (General Department for Criminal Investigation) of the MIA carried out simultaneously searches of home addresses, an IT company, and at the clandestine casino. During the searches they seized especially large scale of money – paid unofficially to the company employees, data storage devices, casino props, including playing cards with electronic identification elements and tokens, financial documents, as well as other objects that could have probative value within the criminal case.


On this case, four members of the criminal group were detained: three of them placed under preventive arrest for 30 days and the instance will give today the judgment for the fourth accused.


If their guilt is proved, they risk to be deprived of liberty up to 10 years.


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