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Large quantity of toxic substances seized by SIS officers

As a result of a joint operation carried out by the Security and Intelligence Service and General Prosecutor’s Office around 60 K of Mercury was discovered.


On February 16, 2016, SIS officers from Chisinau Municipal Unit jointly with employees of the Section in charge of organized crime criminal investigations, within the General Prosecutor’s Office, have conducted searches at various addresses of legal entities and private individuals. 


While conducting the search 10 metallic pipes containing 5-6 K of Mercury each were discovered. The pipes originated from Donetsk region, Ukraine. The Mercury was found at a household belonging to a resident of Buiucani sector from Chisinau.


On October 27, 2016, under the art. 224 (l), 248 (5) let. d), Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, a criminal case for reasons of illegal activities carried out by members of a transborder criminal group was initiated by General Prosecutor’s Office.


The persons were identified and charged for violating the regulations on producing, importing, exporting, storing, transportation or using of large quantity of toxic, bacteriological and radioactive substances, materials and wastes smuggled into the Republic of Moldova that generate the risk seriously harming the population health and environment.


Also, during searches on the premises of legal entities associated with the criminal group, various documents with tangible signs of forgery were found. The documents were certificating the studies necessary to obtain driver’s licences.