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The volleyball team of the SIS became the winner of the Spartakiad Open "Dinamo", edition 2015 reserved for power structures of the country.
27 November 2015
Today, on 10 September 2015, a group of young SIS officers took the Oath of allegiance to Motherland.
10 September 2015
The SIS marks 24 years since its foundation and professional holiday - Day of the state security bodies’ servants.
09 September 2015
On current June 5, the official ceremony of handing out institution’s graduation certificates was held at the NIIS – XIVth Academic Promotion.
05 June 2015
In the period of May 4th to 6th this year, the SIS organized a series of counterterrorism training for aeronautical staff.
07 May 2015
On the eve of Holy Easter Holidays, the SIS officers went with gifts to the pupils of the Auxiliary Boarding School from the city of Străseni.
09 April 2015

Press Releases

The Security and Intelligence Service, jointly with the General Prosecutor’s Office and the General Inspectorate of Police, investigates a case of IT fraud on large scale.
26 February 2016
On February 19, the Board of the Security and Intelligence Service was summoned for an annual concluding session.
22 February 2016
In the course of 2015, the SIS identified and countered 27 attempts of penetration or disruption of the functionality of state information systems.
08 February 2016
The Informative Note on the examination of petitions received by the SIS in 2015 has been placed on the official website of the SIS of the Republic of Moldova.
20 January 2016
On current 2 December, Mihai Balan, Director of the Security and Intelligence Service, presented a report on embezzlements in the banking system of the Republic of Moldova at the special session of the Parliament’s plenum.
04 December 2015
In his speech delivered at the special session of the Parliament’s plenum on current 2 December, Mihai Balan reported on the process of institution’s reorganization and the urgent need for approval of the SIS package of bills.
04 December 2015
Following appearance in the mass media of an alleged letter of the Security and Intelligence Service, the institution makes the following clarification.
10 November 2015

Protection of state secret/profile assistance

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